Checkered Past: The Ska'd Cast

Checkered Past is the #1 Edmonton-based Ska History podcast. Every two (tone) weeks siblings Celine and Rob dig in on a different ska band covering their history, impact and catalogue. Expect a lot of jokes, culture discussions and of course, ska-based puns. Great for new, lapsed and casual listeners of the genre as well as fellow Skaficianados!

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5 days ago

All these podcasts are gold, only Checkered Past breaks the mold! On this TromBonus, Celine, Joey and Rob run down the Ska tracks of 90's movie soundtrack mainstays, Smash Mouth! They talk about the Guy Fieri conundrum, the mozza-stick energy of their first album and ask once and for all: "is Smash Mouth good?" They finish it all off with a beach-themed edition of Build-a-Band Workshop. By the end, maybe YOU will be a believer! Hosts: Celine, Rob and JoeyEngineer: JoeyEditor: Joey

Tuesday Jan 11, 2022

There's more than one way to pickle your Ska! On the latest Checkered Past, Celine and Rob chat with New Tone and Laptop Ska wunderkind, Kenny Malloy aka KMoy! The two talk about New York, Listmania and the joys of Newgrounds before diving into the brief but fascinating discography of Ska-Rockers, Slow Gherkin! They discuss the band's juvenile origins, their ground-breaking heyday and their unfortunate demise. Plus: a very un-ska edition of Big Five! It's long but it's strong! Welcome to 2022! Hosts: Celine and RobEngineer: JoeyProducer: Arianne 

Tuesday Jan 04, 2022

Ollie, grind, flip, grab and manual your way to the newest episode of Checkered Past! On this TromBonus, Celine, Rob and Engineer Joey shallow dive into the Ska tracks of Swedish Skate-Punks, Millencolin! Plus they discuss Baldos, The Matrix and Disco Elysium before playing a skate-themed edition of Build-a-Band Workshop! You don't have to be 13 years old to enjoy this one! Hosts: Celine, Rob and JoeyEngineer: JoeyProducer: Joey

Tuesday Dec 28, 2021

If you've never heard Checkered Past: The Ska'd Cast before, this is your entry point! We reflect on our first year of podcasting and play 15 different clips curating from 25 episodes to give you a glimpse as to what makes our podcast special. You will hear us at our best, our worst and our funniest! It's a fun 2+ hour ride with Rob, Celine and Engineer Joey! We want to thank all the Checkerheads out there for your support and look forward to another awesome year in 2022!  Hosts: Celine, Rob and JoeyEngineer: Rob and JoeyProducer: Rob

Tuesday Dec 21, 2021

It wouldn't be a music podcast if Checkered Past didn't talk about all they're favourite songs of 2021! And that's favourite with a U! Celine, Rob, Engineer Joey and Producer Arianne submit 15 of their most played songs of the year! It's not all Ska either: there's Pop, Hip-Hop, Metal, Punk, Indie and everything in between! No segments, no bits, just 60 minutes of chat and tunes! Put some headphones on and enjoy! Hosts: Celine, Rob, Joey and ArianneProducer: JoeyEngineer: Joey

Tuesday Dec 14, 2021

Go Feet Go! Buffalo, NY Soul/Ska group The Abruptors join Celine and Rob to discuss the entire discography of the rotating super group Bruce Lee Band! Mike and Toni discuss the Canadiana of Buffalo, how they want to represent their local scene and tell the story of how they connected with Asian Man Records. Then, the Time Skachine runs through every single iteration and release of BLB including the connections to Less Than Jake, Rx Bandits, Bomb the Music Industry, The Chinkees and Mu330! The Jeff Rosenstock and Mike Park Metaverses continue to expand! Hosts: Celine and RobEngineer: JoeyProducer: Arianne

Tuesday Dec 07, 2021

Bring your grinchiest grin and humbuggiest humor to the first annual Checkered Past Skaliday Skanktacular! Celine, Rob and Joey lament on their past retail endeavors, bizarre temporary employees and why they are generally miserable around the holidays. Then, Rob and Joey swap holiday-themed Ska songs with classic Celine Color Commentary and they ask whether you are #TeamRob or #TeamCeline. Stay to the end for a big announcement! Hosts: Celine, Rob and JoeyProducer: JoeyEngineer: Joey

Tuesday Nov 30, 2021

Celine and Rob welcome Eric Daino of the Ska-Punkers, The Holophonics to enter the Jeff Rosenstock metaverse by going through the first third of the history of Bomb The Music Industry! Eric discusses his cross-country history, his DIY philosophy as well as Jeff's influence and work ethic. Then, the trio go through the first 3 releases of BTMI! and the groups bizarre live shows, anarchic sound and legacy of bedroom punk and ska. Plus, a quote unquote brand new game entitled: THE EXCLAMATION POINT GAME! Hosts: Celine and RobProducer: ArianneEngineer: Joey

Tuesday Nov 23, 2021

It's a very special TromBonus episode! Celine and Rob interview Alex, Patrick and Matt from The Planet Smashers live from the Stomp 26 Anniversary Show in Edmonton! Interspersed, the Checkered Past crew (including Engineer Joey) talk about the show itself, how the interview came about and what they remember about that night. Be warned! The interview contains some intoxicated anarchy! Hosts: Celine and RobProducer: JoeyEngineer: Joey

Tuesday Nov 16, 2021

Hi! (Checkered Past: The Ska'd Cast edition). Rob and Celine welcome the HyperSka Superstar, Eichlers on the podcast to go through the Ska years of No Doubt! Eich gets into his Ska roots, sets the record straight on Hyperpop and talks about his social media dominance before diving deep on the biggest selling Ska band of all time, No Doubt! All bets are off and it is the most pun heavy episode yet! PLUS: The debut of the new game, Jennifer Skarner and, yes, its just as obtuse as it sounds! Hosts: Celine and RobEngineer: JoeyProducer: Arianne

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