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Checkered Past is the #1 Edmonton-based Ska History podcast. Every two (tone) weeks siblings Celine and Rob dig in on a different ska band covering their history, impact and catalogue. Expect a lot of jokes, culture discussions and of course, ska-based puns. Great for new, lapsed and casual listeners of the genre as well as fellow Skaficianados!

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6 days ago

The Quarterfinals of Heptember have arrived! Checkered Past continues their monthlong celebration of all things Rancid and Ska to determine definitively, the greatest Rancid Ska song of all time! To help with the 4 matchups, Rob and Celine welcome Amy Gabba from Toronto's Amy Gabba and the Almost Famous. They talk about her Ska origin story, how the Canadian Ska scene has changed and getting to record with heroes before eliminating the tracks down to the final four. Then, they play a Lars-themed game of Skarmen Skandiego and top it off with a couple listener questions! Follow the bracket at Hosts: Rob, Celine and JoeyEngineer: JoeyEditor: Rob

Tuesday Sep 13, 2022

Hooligans! Rancid? Bootboys! Rancid? And everyone else is welcome as Checkered Past continues Heptember to determine the greatest Rancid Ska song of all time! In Round 2, CP/SC welcomes past guest and Ska-Punk musician Common Sense Kid to go through Rancid's early tracks and move the matchups to the Quarterfinals. CSK talks to Rob, Celine and Joey about his new album, his history with Rancid and all things England before going through 16 tracks and 8 eliminations. It's all topped off with a game of Skarmen Skandiego and some listener questions. Follow the brackets at Hosts: Celine, Rob and JoeyEngineer: JoeyEditor: Arianne

Tuesday Sep 06, 2022

Evil's my friend but Checkered Past is my BEST friend, as Rob, Celine and Joey kick off Heptember 2022 in style! All September long, the CP/SC crew will be running through every Rancid Ska Song to determine which is the greatest of all time. Round 1 is all about the band's newer tracks from 2000 to the present (with some classic tracks thrown in to keep 'em guessing). It's a completely blind listen with no guests as the hosts recount their history with the band, the criteria for what they consider a great Rancid song and of course, do far too many impressions. Follow along at Hosts: Celine, Rob and JoeyEngineer: JoeyEditor: Joey

Tuesday Aug 30, 2022

It's time for another CPSC semi-annual song bracket and this time it's all about Rancid! Before Heptember kicks off in full, Rob, Celine and Joey sit down and comb through as much of Rancid's spin-offs, side projects and non-Ska content as they can! You will hear music from The Transplants, Devil's Brigade, Tim Timebomb and more as Checkered Past digs deep on where Rancid came from, where they are and where they're going. Tune in all September long to see which Rancid Ska song will be crowned the best off all time! Hosts: Celine, Rob and JoeyEditor: JoeyEngineer: Joey

Tuesday Aug 23, 2022

Another patreon-exclusive episode unlocked for the summer! Engineer joey interviews Justin from western mass, Ska/Thrash band PWRUP! They share local scenes, influences and of course, all the gear talk you could possibly want! This episode was originally released May 13, 2022 on The Checkerhead Patreon. Host: JoeyEngineer: JoeyEditor: Joey

Tuesday Aug 16, 2022

Checkerboards are the colour of our energy as Checkered Past delves deep into the lore and history of jam/funk/hiphop/metal/reggae band 311! Rob, Celine and Joey go all the way to the beginning to discuss the band's humble beginnings, their rabid fandom and their relentless work ethic. All the while digging in on 311's massive musical output, their ska-adjacentness and their revolving door of hit-making producers. Grab a hacky-sack, a blunt and your favorite board shorts and listen in! Hosts: Rob, Celine and JoeyEngineer: JoeyEditor: Rob  

Tuesday Aug 09, 2022

From behind the paywall, Engineer Joey interviews bedroom punk and hyperpop musician Oldphone about their newest EP Hey I'm Alive and It's Cool. They also talk about touring, collaborations and of course gear, gear, gear. This episode was originally published on our Patreon on May 20th, 2022. Host: JoeyEngineer: JoeyEditor: Joey

Tuesday Aug 02, 2022

We're not happy until you ARE happy as Checkered Past continue their discussion of Ska megastars Reel Big Fish. To help, Rob and Celine welcome Devon Kay of Devon Kay and the Solutions to break down RBF's Jive years. First, they swap some tour stories, talk about the Solution's new album Grieving Expectations and twitch streaming. Then, they get into Reel Big Fish's more polarizing years from their upbeat horn pop to their internal breakdowns to their furious final mainstream record. They cap it all off by playing a round of Sophomore Slump and answering listener questions! There was some audio interference during the recording of this episode so listeners may experience some sound quality issues and distortion. Hosts: Celine and RobEditor: ArianneEngineer: Joey

Tuesday Jul 26, 2022

Go Man Go! There's hell Taipei as Rob and Engineer Joey break down the entire track list of Taiwanese Ska Punk band, Mary Bites Kerry from their 2017 album, Look Into the Future. Before that, they pick it up where they left off discussing bass guitars, glam and rodeos. Then they get into the 10 tracks of the album going through the bands combination of Euro-Ska and J-Ska with a distinct Taiwanese flavour. Grab your favourite bubble tea and some beef noodles and dig in! This episode was suggested by Chris on our discord. Sign up at to suggest future TromBonuses. Hosts: Rob and JoeyEngineer: JoeyEditor: Joey

Tuesday Jul 19, 2022

Checkered Past is the lesser of two weevils as they explore the history of the pride of Utah Ska, Stretch Armstrong! Or is that Stretsch Armstronng? Or the Stretch Band? However you spell it, Rob and Celine need some help so they bring along the online Ska godfather, RJ Phoenix of 23Min of Ska and On the Upbeat! First, RJ talks about R/Ska on Reddit, his history building Ska's online presence and what he believes the future may hold for the genre. Then, the trio dig in on the wild world of Stretch from their beginnings in the wake of Swim Herschel Swim, their circus/swing influences and their general disdain for being career musicians. This episode will make you drool! Hosts: Celine and RobEditor: ArianneEngineer:

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