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Checkered Past is the #1 Edmonton-based Ska History podcast. Every two (tone) weeks siblings Celine and Rob dig in on a different ska band covering their history, impact and catalogue. Expect a lot of jokes, culture discussions and of course, ska-based puns. Great for new, lapsed and casual listeners of the genre as well as fellow Skaficianados!

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Friday May 06, 2022

It is the debut episode of our first spin-off podcast, Gear In Your Bedroom with Engineer Joey! It's a podcast dedicated to the DIY musician: their songwriting process, their influences and, of course, their gear! It's a journey to learn more about how someone gets the idea to write music and brings it to completion with a finished product... but with that CP/SC sense of absurd humour! In the debut episode, Joey interviews Ska-Punk musician Common Sense Kid about his early days of writing music during the pandemic and where he is at now as a full fledged songwriter. New episodes will be released every Friday EXCLUSIVELY in the True Checkerhead tier of our patreon! Subscribe at and also get discord access and full uncut episodes of Checkered Past: The Ska'd Cast. Host, Engineer, Editor: Joey

Tuesday May 03, 2022

I'm gonna make this milky clear, Checkered Past is breaking down pop-punk bros Zebrahead! Rob, Celine and Joey break down every Zebrahead album going through all three of their phases starting with their funk-punk beginnings to their pop punk superstardom to their metal-influenced modern era. All the while, finding and dissecting the band's attempts at Ska, their workhorse mentality and their international appeal. What will Celine say about their prolific amounts of phallic humour? Tune in to find out! Sign up for the Checkerhead Patreon to get the whole episode uncut and unedited at Hosts: Celine, Rob and JoeyEngineer: JoeyEditor: Joey

Tuesday Apr 26, 2022

Yipee Ki-yay Mother Skanker! Checkered Past welcomes Austin-based Skacore band Hans Gruber and the Die Hards on to discuss the pride of Connecticut Ska, Spring Heeled Jack USA! First, Rosie, Kurt and Chris discuss their Christian upbringings, the music scene of Connecticut and the origin of their song No No Bronto. Then they dive into SHJ USA from beginning to end and finish the episode with a game of Where in the World is Skarmen Skandiego and answer some listener questions! Hans Gruber's new album With A Vengeance will be released May 3rd through Ska Punk International! To get the complete episode uncut in audio or video format, sign up for the Checkerhead Patreon at Hosts: Celine and RobEngineer: JoeyEditor: Rob

Tuesday Apr 19, 2022

Grab a pizza with pineapple and a fruity punch as Checkered Past explores the one-off Dill Records cult classic, Tantra Monsters! Rob and Engineer Joey blind listen to the complete album and comment on each song while also talking about what little they know about Hawaii, fast guitar playing and the 90's obsession with funk rock. Sign up for the Checkerhead Patreon to get the complete unedited episode including Joey and Rob playing a game of Build-a-Band Workshop! Hosts: Joey and RobEngineer: JoeyEditor: Joey

Tuesday Apr 12, 2022

All Our Best Friends Are Checkerheads! Checkered Past welcomes the Ska Daddy himself, Five Iron Frenzy vocalist Reese Roper on to the pod to continue their discussion of Less Than Jake! Before that, they talk about the early days Five Iron, Reese's journey as a vocalist and the Christian music scene. Then, Celine, Rob and Reese dig in on Hello Rockview, Less Than Jake's separation from the majors and their sole effort on Fat Wreck Chords. For the full, uncut, unedited interview in video format, sign up for the Checkerhead Patreon at Hosts: Celine and RobEngineer: JoeyEditor: Arianne

Tuesday Apr 05, 2022

Now that Madness March is over, it's time for the night to feel our pod with Canada's Ska-adjacent dynamic duo Bedouin Soundclash! Engineer Joey and Rob talk about the bands heyday on the radio, beach-bum reggae and the nature of the music industry in the mid 00's. If you want some chill-dude vibes this is the episode for you! Hosts: Rob and JoeyEditor: JoeyEngineer: Joey

Tuesday Mar 29, 2022

Madness March reaches its inevitable and satisfying conclusion! To ensure the absolute best Madness single is selected as the winner, Rob and Celine invite Mike Park of Skankin Pickle, Bruce Lee Band, The Chinkees and Asian Man Records. Mike rolls through his introduction to Ska, his relationship to Madness and his definitive 2Tone rankings. Then, the trio go through the semi-finals and finals of the bracket including 2 songs brought back for redemption! Afterwards, Engineer Joey hops on mic to play a game and answer listener questions. Its a jam packed 90 minutes! Follow the bracket at Hosts: Rob, Celine and JoeyEngineer: JoeyEditor: Arianne

Tuesday Mar 22, 2022

It Must Be Love cause you came back for Round 3 of Madness March! On the penultimate episode, Celine and Rob are joined by Middagh Goodwin of This Is Ska Radio to break down 4 more matchups on the path to deciding the greatest Madness Single of all time. This round is based on the band's prolific videos that is guaranteed to have some silliness, at least one fez and perhaps a tiny saxophone. Middagh is also on hand to bring his robust of knowledge of Madness' singles, his history in the Ska community and give CP/SC heck for their past choices. Follow along on the brackets at Hosts: Celine and RobEngineer: JoeyEditor: Arianne

Tuesday Mar 15, 2022

My name... is Michael Caine. At least that what YOU will be saying after you finish your midlife crisis with Round 2 of Madness March! Laptop Ska-Punker Common Sense Kid (aka Craig from Frome) joins Rob and Celine to advance 8 more matchups and offer his UK perspective to give legitimacy to the proceedings! He talks about Madness as a mainstream band, his Ska origin story and the UK Ska-Punk scene of the early 00's before giving Checkered Past the gears for their initial eliminations. How many more upsets will there be? Follow the brackets at! Stay tuned for a brand new CP/SC Patreon coming very soon! Hosts: Celine and RobEngineer: JoeyEditor: Arianne

Tuesday Mar 08, 2022

Madness March continues for the last half of Round 1 on Checkered Past: The Ska'd Cast! Celine, Rob and Engineer Joey continue to blind listen to 16 more Madness singles in head-to-head matchups and decide the winner based on their initial impressions! Will the most popular singles make it through or will some dark horses make an upset? Stay tuned all month long to see how the bracket continues and follow along at Hosts: Celine, Rob and JoeyEditor: JoeyEngineer: Joey

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